The Mosquitos & Whatismu

The Original Sundance Saloon, 2061 W Maple Ave, Mundelein, IL 60060

Open to the public and MHS Reunion show with The Mosquitos and special guest Whatismu (formerly the Lorrie Kountz Band)! You are in for a treat frends! Grab the dinner and show for two and get here early!

The Mosquitos are a band that features a unique blend of classic rock and contemporary songs, with a flavor of percussive 'jam' band style extended cuts. The Mosquitos will take you on a musical experience that features a dual guitar attack, with a sweet bass groove, topped off with a melodic and at times haunting keyboard and piano sound. In addition, we have a mandolin/acoustic guitarist to drive the rhythm of the sound. The dual percussionists give a vibe and energy that adds a sensual almost mystic quality to the performance of the band. Now, add in some classic tunes by Santana, The Dead, Clapton, The Allman Brothers, etc. , as well as a few originals, and the Mosquitos deliver a package of deep and powerful sounds that showcase the diverse talents of nine musicians dedicated to providing an earthy and visual musical experience for their audience.